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Crimean speaker calls journalists names “enemies of Russia”

četrtek, april 21, 2016, 13:17

The Chairman of the State Council of Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov considers the journalists of the Internet resource “Crimea.Realities” enemies of the Republic. Thus, he has commented to initiate the criminal proceeding against one of the journalists Mykola Semena.

“I know those people very well. They are our enemies. They are enemies of Russia, enemies of Crimea. Whatever they write there, they have the only one goal to hurt us, to make us suffer,” said Konstantinov.

According to him, materials published on such web resources have nothing in common with journalism and freedom of speech. “There is nothing in common with freedom of speech there at all. There is no freedom. They all are lying and paid by the Western intelligence agencies aiming the only one goal to bring harm to Russia. Whatever we do, they will still look for some kind of muck,” said Konstantinov.

As the “News from Crimea” reported, the journalist of the “Crimea.Realities” (the Radio Liberty regional branch) Mykola Semena was charged with “inciting to a violation of the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation”.

Russian security forces have simultaneously searched seven locations during the criminal investigation on the extremism accusation of the journalist in Crimea. Also it became known about the detention of two more people along with Semena.




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